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Gardens of Faith Ramadan Calendar

Gardens of Faith Ramadan Calendar

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Embrace the beauty of Ramadan with the Gardens of Faith Ramadan Calendar. Featuring a stunning pastel floral design, this 2-door calendar with magnetic closure is adorned with Islamic elements such as the Quran, Kaaba, crescent moon, fanoos, prayer mats, and prayer beads.

Versatile and elegant, Gardens of Faith complements any Ramadan decor, from modern minimalism to vibrant, colorful themes. It’s the perfect thoughtful gift for your loved ones during Ramadan Kareem.

This calendar includes a link to free printables of Hadith, Asma ul Husna, Good Deed of the Day, and 30 Days of Shukr which you can print or write down and place inside the drawers.

Create precious Ramadan memories with this engaging advent calendar. Each day, family members can open a drawer to enjoy a small treat or gift while learning something invaluable, making the countdown to Eid joyous and meaningful.


28cm x 33cm x 6cm

11" x 13" x 2.5"


Grey board and art paper