Our Story

Happy Journey was born out of a mission to help my children embrace and cherish their Muslim identity. Raising them in a country where Muslims form a small minority, I quickly realized that merely enrolling my kids in Quran classes wouldn't be enough to cultivate a deep connection with our faith.

My own upbringing in Pakistan, a nation with a 98% Muslim population, shaped my understanding of Islam as a set of obligations and restrictions. Over time, however, I delved into the teachings of Islam and discovered the wisdom behind these guidelines, ultimately developing a profound love for my Creator, Alhamdolillah.

Nevertheless, I knew that this approach wouldn't resonate with my children. In the society and era they are growing up in, Islam is a personal choice. Before diving into the intricacies of what is permissible, forbidden, or discouraged, it is essential to instill within them a genuine love for Allah and His faith.

I also recognized that I couldn't take my children's attention for granted. They are exposed to vibrant celebrations and diverse cultures, each with their own unique religious practices. If I wanted my kids to listen, learn about Islam, and willingly embrace its teachings, I needed to put in a significant effort to make it engaging and captivating for them.

Fortunately, I am not alone on this journey. I am incredibly blessed to be part of a vast community of like-minded parents facing the same challenges. Through years of collaboration and brainstorming with these fellow parents, Happy Journey was born. It is my sincere hope that Happy Journey will serve as a valuable resource for parents seeking to capture their children's attention and nurture a deep love for Islam within their hearts.

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