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The Days Before Eid Ramadan Calendar

The Days Before Eid Ramadan Calendar

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Make every day of Ramadan special for your family with The Days Before Eid Ramadan Calendar. Enjoy the countdown to Eid with daily Islamic reminders, perfect for bonding and enhancing your spiritual journey.

The calendar comes with a QR code for printables so you can customize the calendar with age-appropriate reminders such as Ayat of the Day, Sunnah of the Day, Good Deed of the Day, or 30 Days of Shukr.

The colorful, festive design features prayer mats, mosques, dates, lights, lanterns, and fanoos, adding instant cheer to your home decor. Beautifully gift-packed, this calendar makes a thoughtful Ramadan Mubarak gift, spreading the joy of Ramadan Kareem. 


38cm x 27cm x 8cm

15" x 11" x 3"


Grey board and art paper